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yellow corn

Product Name: yellow corn
Product Origin: Germany
Standard: yellow
Brand Name: corn
PriceTerms: 200usd per ton CIF
Supply Ability: 5000 mt per months
Detailed Product Description:

Maize is a major source of starch. It is used in many industrialized food products. Maize is also a major source of cooking oil (corn oil) and of maize gluten. Maize starch can be hydrolyzed and enzymatically treated to produce syrups, particularly high fructose corn syrup, a sweetener; and also fermented and distilled to produce grain alcohol. Grain alcohol from maize is traditionally the source of bourbon whiskey. Maize is sometimes used as the starch source for beer.


* Food

* Chemicals and medicines

* Biofuel

* Ornamental and other uses

* Fodder

* Maize as a commodity

Packing: available in 25 kg & 50 kg p.p. bag


Moisture : Below 14 %

Damaged/Discoloured/Brokern : 5 % Max

Foreign Matter: 2 % Max

Aflatoxin: Below 20 PPB

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