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canola oil

Model No.: 05151501
Product Name: canola oil
Product Origin: Germany
Standard: refined
Brand Name: canola oil
PriceTerms: 400usd per ton
Supply Ability: 3000mt per month
Detailed Product Description:

We sell 100% Pure Refined Edible Oil with varieties; Refined Sunflower Oil, Refined Corn Oil, Refined Canola Oil, Refined Soybeans, Refined Coconut oil, Vegetable Oil, Olive Oil etc.

The product has its smell and taste, free from rancidity or any strange taste or smell. Oil is clear, free from foreign matter, free from any foreign oil or animal fats and fit for human consumption. We sell at relative moderate prices and main markets: Africa and Asia.

Taste Neutral
Impurities Negative
Free Fatty Acid ( % ) max 0,10
Moisture ( % ) max 0,05
Peroxide Value ( meq O2/ kg ) max 5
Specific gravity at 20 degr C 0,91 - 0,93
Iodine value ( g / 100 g ) 110 - 126
Colour Lovibond 5 1/4 " Red max 1,5
Colour Lovibond 5 1/4 " Yellow max 20

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