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animal oil

Model No.: 6590099
Product Name: animal oil
Product Origin: Germany
Standard: cream
Brand Name: mummy choice
PriceTerms: 400 usd per ton
Supply Ability: 20 containers per month
Detailed Product Description:

We produce and supply the best vegetable oils of all kinds.we supply world wide at the cheapest rates.
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Type: Fat
Source: Cattle
Color: White
Ingredients: Rendered fat from Bones and soft tissues
Certification: Inedible
Packaging: 185 Kg drums
Place of Origin: South Africa
Free fatty acid: 3% (max)
Density: 0.890 at 35 degree C
Unsap matter: 2% (max)
Moisture: 0.5% (max)
Melting point: 38 degree C.
Colour: Pale white
Sulphur: 0.005 (max)
Phosphorous: 0.001 (max)
FFA: 2 - 5% Max.
FAC: 11A/11B Mix
Titre: 41.5%
Bleach: 1.0 Red Max.
Moisture: 0.01% Max.

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