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Dry stock fish

Model No.: 50105010
Product Name: Dry stock fish
Product Origin: Norway
Standard: dry
Brand Name: Dry stock fish
PriceTerms: 30 usd per bag of45 kg
Supply Ability: 5 containers per month
Detailed Product Description:

We offer dry Stockfish , Saithe ,Haddock , Tusk and ling The whole fish is dried outside and is sold in 45 kg bag.

Whole round stockfish packed in 45 kg bales
Cod 30-50 cm, 50-70 cm, 80/90 cm, 100/120 cm, 140/160 cm
Haddock 20-50 cm
Tusk 20-50 cm, 40-60 cm
Saithe 20-40 cm, 30-50 cm, 50-70 cm
packaged into 45kg bales and cod heads without collarbone are packed into bags of 30kg.
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