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sunflower oil

Model No.: 100010001
Product Name: sunflower oil
Product Origin: Germany
Standard: yellow
Brand Name: mummy choice
PriceTerms: CIF
Supply Ability: 20 containers monthly
Detailed Product Description:

Dear clients

We are suppliers of refined sunflower oil corn oil, canola oil, animals oil, , we supply any kinds of edible oil you can think of.


Moisture and Impurities: 9G/100g/0,00-0,02
Acid Index 12-0,18
ACIDITY (Oleic %) : 0,06-0.09 Soap( PPM) 0-20
Saponification: Number 188-192
Color: Lovibond 0,6-2,OR/07-12Y
Iodine Index: 110-143
Refraction Index: 1.479-1.4740
Peroxide: 2-7McqD2/Kg
Density: 25oC/4°C 0913-0919
Cold Test: 24Hrs@O*4
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